Falsetto and vocal chords?

So I've been trying to sing falsetto from a while and whenever i sing low notes my voice is not consistent its like sth is stopping it to come out like with breaks and when i do with highnotes its the same except my voice sounds more mushy and more braks and slow fades away what should i do?


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  • First, you are a male under 18. Your voice is likely still developing.

    Second, all singing takes practice, but some people just don't have a singing voice. You will have to determine which it is.

    Third, all voices have a range. Very few people can sing in falsetto AND bass, so don't feel bad about that.

    Check for voice exercises and training on Youtube.

    • It's not that i dont have a singing voice I've done some concerts but the only problem is falsetto i did try to identify my voice from power to sing. Com and they said my voice is falsetto type

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