What are some good anime to watch?

Just looking for some light or interesting shows. I don't really talk to many other's who share my interests.


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  • Death note,
    The Alchemist,
    Dragon Ball Z - this I've never watched but I'm tired of hearing it's praises from everyone for too long now 😂

    • I've already seen the first two (minus the live action movies because NO) and I've only seen the live action movie of dragon ball z (mistake) because there are so many episodes and I'm not sure if I can just jump right in or if I'll need to catch up on hundreds of hours first

    • You can watch from whatever episode you wish to, I guess

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  • Start from dragon balls,
    U will totally bcom busy in them.
    And it is lot interesting.


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  • Death note, psycho pass, food wars, log horizon, kobato, Karin, Rosario+vampire, high school dxd, another.

    • I've watched three of those, but I've heard good things about food wars. I'll check that one out.

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    • Yeah i like it too lol

    • I want to know because I've never watched in the enemy

  • One Punch Man
    Shingeki no Kyojin

  • Seraph of the end
    Bungo stray dogs

    • I'm about half way through with durarara, but it started to get really slow and boring. I've got ADD, so I try to stick to the shorter series, to avoid a story that feels like it's going nowhere. I'm still pushing myself to finish it out of waning curiosity, though. I've already downloaded a couple dozen episodes from Netflix and I'll at least finish those.

    • I'll defiantly check out the other two, though.

    • Uuuh sure.
      I asked my best friend for a few suggestions since I'm more of an American tv show kinda girl.

  • The best anime is no anime


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