Do you ever wish you hadn't seen an anime series, movie, TV show etc, not because it was bad, but because you want the first time experience again?

For me, this feeling has gotten stronger over the past year or show. I've been struggling to find new TV series and specifically anime series that I actually enjoy. Now I have watched A LOT of anime, and i've watched a lot that I absolutely loved, some were, and started some I ended up hating.

I could go on an on about which anime & TV series I like so if you have any recommendations for me because I NEED new things to binge on, so 800 episodes on One Piece, or 500 episodes of Naruto Shippuden don't bother me in the slightest.

But if you have any recommendations similar to any of these, please let me know.

Anime - (One little thing, I MUCH prefer newer artstyles/graphics - really not a fan of "low quality" or "old" anime with dull and so so "boring" artstyles that people say "beautiful" - Examples like Slam Dunk & Ping Pong)

Attack on Titan
Hunter X Hunter (1/2 anime I rewatched from ep 1)
My Hero Academia (Rewatched)
One Piece
One Outs
Assassination Classroom
Akame Ga Kill
One Punch Man
Death Note
Hellsing Ultimate
Soul Eater
Kuroko's Basketball
Full Metal Alechemist:Brotherhood

TV Series -

The 100
Game of Thrones
The Punisher
Friends (Currently rewatching)
Breaking Bad
Altered Carbon
Criminal Minds
Big Bang Theory
Brooklyn 9-9

Any recommendations please and thankyou.
And does anyone else wish they could just turn back time to before they had even watched any of their fav shows? I sure do, I would have COUNTLESS hours to binge watch for like a year non-stop, would be great.


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  • Never


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  • Well, at least a few of those are ongoing. The first episode of the 3rd series of My Hero Academia's airing on Saturday, so that's something to look forward to. If you prefer listening to dubs rather than reading through the subs, then I'd recommend Black Lagoon and Samurai Champloo as good animes where the dub beats the sub hands-down, and which you can binge-watch from beginning to end- even on Youtube. Any of those suggestions float your boat?

    • Oh you don't know how excited am I for the 3rd season. I didn't even know it was airing so soon now i'm HYPE! I've seen both those, and I agree the dubs were great.

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  • If you like comedy, I recommend The Office.


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  • The Witcher 3 and mb the Witcher book series
    Harry Potter series as a child
    Too many movies and books to list by the way

  • TV Series-
    Doctor Who 2005-present
    Legends of Tomorrow
    Supernatural ( if you like that stuff ) and the whole Arrowverse.
    Constantine ( although it has only 13 episodes )

    Cartoon TV series-
    Rick and Morty
    Young Justice

    Detective Conan ( although the graphics are bad for the first 150 episodes, but it gets better afterwards, and sone fillers are lame )
    Nanatsu no Taizai
    Irregukar at Magic School ( can't remember the Japanese name, I know it has the words Mahoka and Rettosei )
    Sword art Online
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Kuroshitsuji ( the manga is better, but the anime is good too )
    I have more, these are just at the top of ny head.


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