Wouldn't it be cool to have a supercar like KITT in real life?


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  • If it would make me looking like the driver I think of just now... I'd rather have a Ford Model T

    • Not a hasslehoff fan?

    • How did you guess so rightly? :D But to be fair to your question: The KITT idea does not have much appeal to me. I prefer my machines passive and submissive.

    • I only know him from this show. Don't really care for all the rest. Didn't I see somewhere online this is up for another reboot soon? Well the car was protective in a sense where it knew the dangers ahead, and what to do. Granted, it was just a show.

  • it's coming

    • I mean with the armor and all. The show was definitely ahead of its time

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    • Yeah the original

    • You can get the complete dashboard for 7 grand online lol, I guess good luck finding a running car

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