Anyone into film? Top 10 films? Fav Director?

My favorite director is Michael Hanke

My top ten in no order are
The Shinning
A Clockwork Orange
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill
Black Swan
The Hunt
The White Ribbon


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  • My favorite movie director is probably James Cameron.
    Not only have I LOVED every move he's made, but I never ceased to be amazed at what he accomplishes in terms of the lengths he goes to make the movie he wants to make.
    He is constantly pushing technology for the sake of his movies.
    The CGI effects in Terminator 2 were insane, and haven't aged a bit.
    When he made The Abyss, which is its own genre, he filmed the movie in a 10 million gallon water tank the studio built out of an abandoned nuclear plant.
    For Titanic, his crew designed a camera that could withstand the depths of the ocean in order to capture footage of the wreck. He put up $300 million to build perfectly historically accurate sets and sank them in tanks to replicate the devastation of the sinking.
    He truly spares no effort in creating these movies. And you can't help but root for the guy: EVERY SINGLE one of his movies has been a massive hit, and is still hailed as a masterpiece. Not even a mediocre film to his name.

    Some of my favorite movies in particular are:

    These movies are one of the things Disney nailed. I LOVE adventure movies, and Jack Sparrow and his crew certainly deliver the best sword fights and shipwrecks and nautical lore we know. There aren't many pirate movies out there, which is unfortunate, but if Pirates of the Caribbean is the franchise that monopolizes the pirate genre, I can totally live with that.

    This movie is often considered a cult movie, but it really deserves more attention than it gets. It's funny, it's violent--almost got an NC-17 rating--, it has fantastic characters and acting. You really have to watch this movie to understand how good it is.

    The title calls it like it is. This is my favorite Scorsese movie by far. It's a gangster film, but instead of another Italian mafia movie, this one is set in post-civil war NYC. If you want to see what 1800's thug life looked like, check out this 3-hour, ultra-violent epic exploring a snapshot of the underworld of America's most swarming, furious city. The movie is very dark and a bit pulp-ish at times, but that just adds to the tone. This is one of those films that exhausts you, but in a good way.


      Everyone who watches this falls in love with it.

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    • Watching The Matrix for the first time will blow your mind, there is nothing else like it.
      I have the same opinion of the Matrix sequels as I do the Star Wars prequels... downgrades in certain technical aspects, but NOT total ass like some people say.
      If you can find me a movie cooler than this one, please let me know.

      Hater gonna hate. But this as a fantastic movie and everyone knows it.
      "It's a typical sappy Hollywood romance" NO, the movies AFTER Titanic copied it.
      "Jack should have lived" no, Mythbusters proved that he died fair and square.
      Anyways, leave it to James Cameron to create the ultimate Titanic movie. I love disaster movies, like Poseidon, and Towering Inferno, and so for me this movie is the bomb. I was a Titanic nerd as a kid, and so I had a special appreciation for how historically accurate the move was... even the carpets made for the film were made by the same companies that furnished the real Titanic. As James Cameron said himself, you could not have written a better story.
      This movie deserved every award it got and it deserved credit for getting as close as possible to the terror experienced by 1500 people trapped on a sinking ship.
      The behind the scenes is extremely interesting, it shows you just how insane JC is.

  • I am a fantasy buff and I do not quite have an order yet as there are so many options and it may change but the closest are

    the neverending story
    Disney's the lion the witch and the wardrobe
    the blues brothers
    the muppet movie/ the muppets (tie)
    the dark crystal
    Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone
    who framed roger rabbit/looney tunes back in action (tie)
    mr. magorium's wonder emporium

    director is tough
    especially when you can't rely on their work to be good
    i'm going to go with a safe one.
    Jim Henson
    He had a small directing career but a great impact and it probably is worth mentioning that two of my favorite movies were directed by him

  • Clody Atlas, Mr Nobody, Interstellar, Memento,
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko, The Jacket, Shutter Island, the Thirteenth Floor - all those blowed my mind as a story
    A really great film is La La Land
    And some Marvel films


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