Opinions Of My Cover Art For My Writing Projects?

Please don't still my stories lol, but that's if they're even interesting enough to steal. Yes, I am aware all of them are dark and weird. I'm a fan of dark writings, can't help it. But I'd love you guys thoughts on the cover art and summaries I made.

(MysticalGlazedCandy Is my writing, lol it's dumb but I made it when I was twelve, so I kept it under my C. L. A professional writing name. Just so my friends know who it is.)
  • Opinions Of My Cover Art For My Writing Projects? Charisma Darling, an eerie child born with milky blue and purple eyes was meant to be blind. However, not only can she see, but she has something darker with its own eyes on her. Elton, an Eidolon. A creature who interacts with her in her various stages of life.
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  • Opinions Of My Cover Art For My Writing Projects? Den Of Vice- A murderous brothel and club mafia formed by the coming together of two of the most powerful figures in the city of "Hell." Livia Fang and Nicklaus Woe. Together they build an empire based on magic, sex, crime, violence, and blood. They are the embodiment of the preversions of humanity.
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  • Opinions Of My Cover Art For My Writing Projects? Avel Rasmus, a world-renowned assassin in the year 3030 is hired to lead a new team of cyborg and Ai prototypes for missions assigned by the United Nations. However, as he ventures into the city of Orion, otherwise known as Sin City. His skills are tested as are his morals day by day. Especially when he meets the infamous Alera Novan.
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  • Opinions Of My Cover Art For My Writing Projects? Marcus Antone, an archaeologist, and his young daughter Akila Putri followed by a team of explorers venture into the depths of a newly appeared sink hole in Romania. Told to appear every thousand years at the alignment of the blood eclipse, and disappear three days later after five firstborns are taken without a trace and told to reappear somehow different from how they once were. As the team descends into the new world below. A journey of death and horror is sure to follow...
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  • All art is good, except the upside down dracula, and the "by: xyxyxy" is ugly. Should probably drop the by part


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