What's the best movie you've seen so far this year?

What's the best 2018 movie so far for you?


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  • Ready Player One is very high up there, showing how technology can bring out the worst in us in a way we can understand, it’s up there with Inception. I thought I, Tonya and Game Night were funny but I knew the events of one and the other didn’t have any edge. Darkest Hour and The Post are definitely the best so far this year for me, the leading actors were excellent and the camera work of both were something else, really gave it some meaning. For relevance, Darkest Hour tops the list as I’m British and it was quite a proud film for us.

  • Ready player one, being a gamer/scifi fanboii makes me a bit biased but its by far the best film I've seen in 2k18

    • Yeh its pretty awesome

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  • Black Panther- I haven't seen any other 2018 release yet.

  • To be fair I was just in Black Panther and Ready Player One. So I would pick Black Panther

    • They are both good aye

    • Yes. Ready Player one was good but I did not like everything. I was more off a Teen movie

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