Anyone like martial arts and like to watch ufc or wwe?


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  • UFC looks painful to watch haha but i used to watch WWE a long time ago with my grandpa. After i stopped i started watching Total Divas which surrounds the women of WWE but i stopped watching it because i dont like Natalya and Nikki Bella. And theyre always mean to Eva Marie. But i like Naomi, Jon Uso, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

    • wow i watch both of them i like seth rollins, roman reign, dean ambrose and batista john cena too also daniel bryan

    • Seth is so hot and roman resembles him. I liked John Cena in The Marine but i dont like hoe he treats Nikki bella

    • yeah haha

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  • Hell yeah I did MMA for years I love it

    • Cool bro i learn taekwondo and wushu shanda after finishing school i will learn muay thai

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