Rate this stand up comedian out of 5: John Oliver?

Yup thats right John Oliver started out in Stand up both in the United Kingdom and United States. He came to wider attention for his work on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as its senior British correspondent from 2006 to 2013. Oliver won three Primetime Emmy Awards for his work as a writer on The Daily Show and was its guest host for an eight-week period in 2013. Since 2014, Oliver has been the host of the HBO series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He has received widespread critical and popular recognition for his work on the series, whose influence over US culture, legislation and policymaking has been dubbed the "John Oliver effect"

His style leans toward the kind that Americans like best from the British – exaggerated, full of odd accents and mannerisms, in the vein of Monty Python." Oliver has used his British culture as a primary subject of his jokes. Oliver describes his own accent as a "mongrel" of Brummie, Scouse and Bedford influences.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I like his show :) He really does cover interesting and important topics. His comedy, lol the beginning of his bit was hilarious "they're just facts" yessss XD kinda funny, but mostly his one liners, his voice is a bit grating for all the screaming he does


Most Helpful Guy

  • Never heard of him before but since Little Sally said
    he's against and bashes Donald Trump a lot he must be the worst comedian ever along with Stephen Colbert the one that replaced David Letterman on his late night talk show

    • "bashes" is one way to say it.
      "Uses really undisputable facts to prove a point" would be the proper way though

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    • The stupid chick blocks me to unblock me to down vote me and leave me one more post which she can't spell at all. She is dumber than than the dumbest jackass

    • You can agree with someone or not, doesn't make it less or more funny; I've had laughed at people who made fun of myself.

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What Girls Said 9

  • I like him a lot. His standup is really good and Last Week Tonight is solid, he's got the facts to back his shit up.

  • After watching the clips I can say I think he's funny.
    Voted 4/5
    Will be checking more of his work out now.

  • I like him and agree with most things he said, but nonetheless it's a little too political inclined for me, so I've given him a 3.

  • Strictly hilarious and actually smart.
    Pretty great. 5 out of 5.

    • *P. S. You're going to be getting many 'downvotes' for him because Trump supporters are offended by his intelligence and truth telling. Haha

  • mediocre humor and his punch lines are weak. 3/5

  • 3/5 sort of funny

  • love. 4

  • F never heard of him

  • Who? Can't say I have seen him.


What Guys Said 6

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