Ex girlfriend of one of my sims won't move on?

Ok I know sims 3 is old but I never play it before (yes I am that person) anyway one of my sims had a ex girlfriend that cheated on him and I made him dump her because he deserves better. Anyway so I made him got together with Cornelia Goth (made her young again) they got married and have three teen daughters now. I notice the ex thou she single still ever since they broke up and I was watching them because I was bored while my other sims were on a date. I saw her trying to give him flowers and he rejects it because you know he in love with Cornelia now. I don't why this sim won't move on any one have ideas? I thought it was interesting this is happening in my game since most sims move on after a bad breakup. Also after my sim and Cornelia went to the hospital to give birth to their first child she was hospital and saw them. After they went home she goes to my sim house literally and ring the door and start talking to my sim (the one she was in a relationship with) and all I see is her thought bubbles of him and Cornelia and she left. Anyone have any idea why this sim acting so weird lol.


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  • Have you checked a wiki

    • she doesn't have one she one of those reporters you know those girls who wear detective jackets? her name is Christin Leach.

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    • I check the wiki pages and nothing and she not a hopeless romantic either.

    • Well I'm all out of ideas I don't play the sims

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