Would you believe Shane Long scored?

Against Arsenal. Only his second goal all season.


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  • Whoop whoop 😂


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  • I guess he's having a rough season...

    • Yeah poor guy. he's a good consistent and reliable team player. He has only scored twice all season for Southampton and not at all for Ireland in nearly two years. He still gets great reviews cos even tho he's a striker whos not scoring he regularly assists and pull defenders away with his runs for others to score. A hard working honest player. Tbe goal he scored against germany in 2015 to help us qualify for euro2016 was class

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    • Yes I know (soccer here). You mean the only kept stat and measure of a player's importance is goals? That can't be. If you watch a single player for the entire 90 minutes of a game (plus time if necessary) and he doesn't score, there has to be ways to measure and judge his impact on the game...

    • ***(plus *extra* time if necessary)


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