I'm writing a book and need some suggestions?

Can you think of a superpower or ability with a major drawback?


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  • The ability to predict the futute or something like that but forgetting the pastm... so the more you use this power the morr you forget who you are.

    • I think mine tops that 😝

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    • But that's the difficult part. He knows he's killing a person but he also knows he saving more then he killed.

    • I like this when you can't choose what to forget, it's a great sacrifice
      Maybe a good combination with my flesh eating ability

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  • There are always potential drawbacks. There was a short story by Larry Niven called "Man of steel, woman of Kleenex"

    Invisibility is often a problem since you may need to be naked.

    Teleportation if you can't carry anything, again naked.

    Mind reading if you can't turn it off, too much noise.


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  • -You turn invisible as long as you hold your breath
    -You can use your blood as bullet that will penetrate anything
    -You can gain memory/knowledge/habits of a person by eating their flesh

  • You can help save lives but somebody dies every time you use your power. Someone on the other side of the world. So you could save 15 people but one random person would die

  • You can read minds, but only in Latin.


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