What Was The Last Movie You Watched? How Was It?

Don't Forget To Mention Genre !
I watched Jack Ryan Shadow recruit (Action/Drama) !
It was good but I can't say worth watching !What Was The Last Movie You Watched ? How Was It ??


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  • Poetry (shi) a korean drama. It is about a grandmother who is raising her divorced daughter's son. I liked it. but drama movies can get a little boring if you don't like the main character.

    • Not my kind of thing but yes everyone have their choices ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Salvador
    It was alright, but I think the humor ruined it. It was a cheesy 80s biographical/historic film.
    Honestly, James Woods isn't that good of an actor. He tries too hard, and over exaggerates in every role he plays.


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