Question about tattoos? Did they overcharge me?

So a while back in October, I got my very first tattoo. It was something I had been planning for a long time & I was so excited to get it! I didn't really ask around or compare prices but I read reviews online and people said their work was amazing! But looking back on it now, I think I may have been overcharged. I don't regret it in the slightest & it was worth it.

But what I got was a tiny tattoo on my shoulder blade of my favorite bible verse & it was in all black. I don't think something that simple should be expensive but I ended up paying $100 plus the deposit. For those of you who are experienced with tattoos and pricing: would you say I was overcharged? Again I understand that someone is putting artwork on you to last your entire lifetime & obviously any amount of money you pay is well worth it! Just curious if they charged extra because they knew I didn't know what I was doing as a first timer lol :)


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  • Depends on how big it was, but from the sounds of it, it sounds like a fairly normal price.

    • Thanks! :) It consisted of 5 letters and 3 numbers :)

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    • It was around 3-4 inches :) I don't know precisely lol

    • Then yeah, that's a reasonable price for something that size. Tattoos aren't cheap unless you want a shitty artist haha

  • don't be cheap with permanent ink

    • I already said I'm very happy with it & don't mind what I paid :) Just curious if it's within the normal range

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  • I don't find it overpriced at all, it's usually the minimum for a tattoo.
    Where I live it's in euros and the minimum is often around 70 or 80 euros no matter how small the tattoo is which is about 100$.
    You have to pay for the material, their time for the prep and the actual tattoo. All the tattoo shop I got informations from begin at that price.

    • Thanks for your answer! :) I agree that the money people spend on tattoos is worth it because it is going to be on your body forever lol :) My friends just got me thinking because some of them for much bigger things done and were charged less... I guess it depends on the place and how long it's expected to take :)

    • The place doesn't really have an impact. It's jst the time it takes and the reputation of the tattoo artist. I have one on my back that took two hours and was charged 300E because they charged 150E per hour. The place on the body didn't have an impact on the price.

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