Rick and Morty philosophies?

I love Rick and Morty. I watched all seasons at least 10 times. You ever get the talks about life, purpose and existential nhilism. Makes you wonder about your place in society or life in general. Makes me think more. Is life just a long dance before we die? What is the experience of human life & it's benefit?


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  • I love that show! But it takes me serious effort to sit down and watch something for very long lol! But I wished I could have seen more Rick and Morty.

    • And yes. I have always been an existentialist so I ponder these things on the fucking daily lol. But it's chill because you can find purpose. It's there. Being a nihilist is a waste of adventure and chances to gain knowledge and just opportunity itself. In my opinion.

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    • Whaaaat but I do not have a hulu account lok

  • I thinks its cool but the ideas are nothing new

    • It's probably been around for the longest but it's the first time a show caught my attention with that way of thinking

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  • Life? Purpose and meaning? Take your pick, what is it that you want to do with your life before your time in this world is up? What are you willing to do? Do something or do nothing at all. Sometimes you have to look at it has why does it even have to have any purpose or meaning? Who said it had to have any purpose or meaning? Maybe it doesn't really have one at all, but RATHER it is that WE, or US humans, DESIRE THERE TO BE ONE, or some, or any. "WANT" THERE TO BE ONE, or some, or any. But then, does that make it true that life and existence actually has any meaning or purpose at all other than meaning and purpose that we decided and chosen for what our lives and existence is going to be about?

    I think what I just said might all make somebody's head hurt. LOL Just don't overanalyze and think too much about it, just have fun, yes, we're all gonna fucking die either way, but all the fucking reason more to go out there and do something to have fun before our time is up, since we're not gonna be able to have fun, travel, and explore once we are gone and dead now, are we?

    @Unit1? I know you like and watch Rick and Morty so you might have something to add and say to this.

    • Incorrect. I didn't watch rick and morty. I only watched the scene with the sex robot and the scene with rick defining love as a bunch of chemical reactions in the brain to encourage animals to breed and leaving the couple stranded in a miserable marriage.

      Anyway my input would be (i think you said it before?) that the purpose of life was merely invented by humanity. You don't see dogs, cats, fishes, tigers, cockroaches, bloodcells, viruses, trees, bushes, flowers, grass, fungi or snails looking for a life purpose or trying to accomplish a purpose in life. Humans - as intelligent, yet very intellectually incompetent species - invented this "purpose of life" and had debates about it ever since it was invented.

      Remember, we are all here because 2 people (our creators) were too horny at some point and couldn't keep their legs closed. We are not here because we were sent here or we are free.

    • @Unit1 If they had used proper birth control or was sterile we would have remain free from every having being part of this world and would never had any involvement with this kind of a world.

    • Yep. The cycle over here is broken, so we're both good on that. You see dogs and cats living kinda happy, yet they don't feel they have a purpose in life. They just enjoy. Just like me - I'm a hedonist.

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