True or False? Almost every popular YouTuber receives some sort of controversy?

It feels like ant YouTube Channel with 100,,000 and more gets into some sort of controversy. Do you agree or disagree? One of my favorite YouTubers has been in controversy for the past few days ): I love him and his Channel and I'm sad that it's been receiving it and now it's affecting two other of my favorite YouTubers. This has got to stop.


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  • No?
    Also if this is about Channel Awesome they've had it coming for a long damn time.

    • It wasn't Nostalgia Critic's fault. What's he going to do? Whatever his name is has a lot lf control of Channel Awesome. If he could have he would've fired him

    • Doug and Rob absolutely knew about Michaud. Doug was the one who told Obscurus Lupa not to put more midrolls in her videos. Rob told her and only female producers not to advertise their patreons. If they weren't directly responsible they knew and did nothing, they are absolutely complicit in everything that has happened.

    • Yeah but as I said before Micheal apparently has more control of Channel Awesome then they do for some reason. I'm sure they'll figure a way to get rid of him though.

What Guys Said 2

  • Thats a given once someone becomes widely know. No way to escape it.

    • That's not necessarily true. Markiplier has over 20 Million Subscribers and has never received controversy

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    • Pewdiepie is also a nice guy and yet can't escape controversy.

    • That's a little different though.

  • But, they wouldn't be famous if, there was no controversy.

    • Markiplier is famous and he has no controversy :/ He has over 20 Million Subscribers now without controversy

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