As a drummer I am struggling to find new songs to learn and enjoy. Any suggestions?

I have over 3000 songs on Spotify and have about 350 of them on a Drums playlist that I enjoy for drumming and many others on separate playlists of live show setlists.

I played all of these songs so many damn times that I've lost motivation to play them anymore, and I'm struggling to find anything new that isn't just using slow beats, a drum machine or synth


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  • Have you done Move Along by All American Rejects or Stronger by Kanye West... Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers... When We Stand Together by Nickelback... No Heart by 21 Savage... Word Up by Cameo... the chorus of Dessert by Dawin... What a Fool Believes by the Doobie Brothers.. Wait a Minute by Estelle... Stick Talk by Future... Sogn of the Times by Harry Styles... The Big Bang by Katy Tiz... Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry... Leave Out all the Rest bu Linkin Park... Uprising by Muse... Sing by My Chemical Romance... Dare You to Move... This is the Life by Two Door Cinema Club... New Radicals You Get What You Give... I Think I Love You by the Partridge Family... Heart Made up On You by R5... For the Forst Time by The Script... Its Time by Imagine Dragons.. Victorious by Panic at the Disco... So What by Pink.. Dont Nobody Want None by Tech N9ne... Everything She Wants by Wham... Try A Little Tenderness by Otis Redding.. Use Me by Bill Withers


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  • What kinds of stuff are you looking for? I know of plenty of bands with really fantastic, creative drummers that will definitely test your skills and timing... πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

    • My double pedal isn't great but aside from that I'll try anything that I like. Let me know and hopefully there's some songs I like that I've never seen before

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    • Thanks for MH man! I take it that you like the stuff?

      Hmu for more if you'd like! 🀘

    • I liked how in depth the answer was. I really like Ilan Rubin for the paramore album and playing with Avenged Sevenfold aswell

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  • 311 (Amber)
    The Academy Is... (About A Girl)
    AC/DC (Thunderstruck)
    AFI (Miss Murder)
    Alice Cooper (No More Mr. Nice Guy, School's Out)
    All American Rejects (Move Along)
    Anberlin (A Day Late)
    The Ataris (Boys Of Summer)
    Audioslave (Be Yourself)
    Avenged Sevenfold (Bat Country)
    The Beatles (Come Together, Please Please Me, Hard Day's Night)
    Big Country (In A Big Country)
    The Black Keys (Little Black Submarines, Lonely Boy)
    Black Sabbath (Iron Man, Paranoid, War Pigs)
    Blink-182 (Cynical, First Date, Natives, Rabbit Hole, I could go on and on)
    Blue October (I Want It)
    Blue Oyster Cult (Don't Fear The Reaper)
    Boys Like Girls (Dance Hall Drug)
    Charlie Daniels Band (The Devil Went Down To Georgia)
    The Clarks (The River, Cigarette)
    Collective Soul (December)
    Cranberries (Dreams)
    Creedance Clearwater Revival (Fortunate Son)
    Dave Matthews Band (Ants Marching)
    A Day To Remember (The Downfall Of Us All)
    Dire Straits (Sultans Of Swing)
    The Doors (Touch Me, Light My Fire)
    Edgar Winter (Frankenstein)
    Elle King (Where The Devil Don't Go, Jackson)
    Fall Out Boy (Dance Dance)
    Fleetwood Mac (Go Your Own Way, Oh Well)
    Foo Fighters (Everlong, The Pretender)
    Golden Earring (Radar Love)
    Green Day (Know Your Enemy, Holiday, Basket Case)
    Greta Van Fleet (Highway Tune)
    Guns & Roses (Sweet Child Of Mine, Live and Let Die)
    Halestorm (I Miss The Misery)
    Heart (Barracuda)
    Imagine Dragons (Radioactive, Nothing Left To Say/Rocks)
    Jet (Cold Hard Bitch, Are You Gonna Be My Girl)
    Judas Priest (You've Got Another Thing Coming)
    Kings Of Leon (Sex Is On Fire, Use Somebody)
    KISS (Rock and Roll All Nite)
    Led Zeppelin (Communication Breakdown, Dazed and Confused, etc)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd (Free Bird)
    Matchbox Twenty (So Sad So Lonely, How Far We've Come, Real World)
    Motley Crue (Kickstart My Heart)
    Nirvana (Territorial Pissings
    The Offspring (You're Gonna Go Far Kid, Self Esteem)
    Pat Benatar (Heartbreaker)
    Pink Floyd (Money)
    Ram Jam (Black Betty)
    Rolling Stones (Paint It Black)
    The Runaways (Cherry Bomb)
    The Strokes (Someday)
    Tom Petty (Shadow Of A Doubt, Forgotten Man)

    I'm gonna end it there. I tried to include some classics and some songs I think have interesting/prominent drums. I don't know anything about music, especially drums, but hopefully this helps. :)

    • Thankyou that is a gooood answer. I have a lot of them but there's so many great songs there that I also don't have aswell

    • I gave most helpful answer and then came across this again ;_;

      There are some great songs here and I'm adding a lot of them atm

      Have a follow

    • Happy to help! 😊

  • Give it away by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    and if you can do it, go Neal Peart style and learn something from Rush

    • Give it away is a good one, I've definitely got it but not sure if it's on my drum list

  • Can't help you with your questions but I'm always attracted to the percussionists in bands...

  • Try something from Dream Theatre. My ex used to do covers of them all thr time because the percussion is very unique but challenging.


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  • i presume you've gone through the classic bands with great drummers like zeppelin, the who, jimi hendrix experience

    I always thought Mick Avory (The Kinks original dummer) was really good and played great fills

    • Yeah pretty much lol I'm sure there's some I haven't looked at though

  • What genre what technical level? If you want something challenging try jazz drummers or metal ones

  • Learn some death core, or free from jazz if you want a challenge. Hipster bands like Phoenix, tame impala, and braids have unique drum beats too. If you really want to challenge yourself create your own cover of a venetian snares song, yes it's programmed drums, but his songs are 80% drum beats, and fun to mess around in if 7/4 time sounds fun to you. Tell me what genre you like to play and I can give you some recommendations. I listen to everything from kpop to infant annihilator to A$AP mob to Jenny Lewis.

    • I listen to the good bits from everything more or less except screaming and Jazz, excluding a couple of bands like Slipknot <3
      I like Tame Impala and Phoenix, I don't think I've heard of Braids though

    • Braids has a very creative drummer, they aren't that big but I like them. Check out taste and warm like summer, the drums are fun in both of those.

  • β€œA drum machine”

    • Yes a lot of them create the songs drumming using computer software or using a drum machine... look it up

    • So samples or premade drum loops, or maybe made by using a midi keyboard is what you meant?

    • Being difficult for the sake of it is not a good thing.

  • Join a band that plays their own stuff?

  • Charly Antolini?

  • Maybe you can change genres.

    • I like music from everything more or less so aside from pure Jazz or swing I play a lot of stuff. Do you play any intruments? :)

    • Nope. If, you like rock, nu metal, you can try YouTube channels like Montage Rock and Spaceuntravel.

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