What do you prefer?

When you are listening to rap music (if you do) would you prefer it to...
  • Have good lyrics
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  • Mumbling lyrics
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  • It doesn't matter as long as it sounds good
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Most Helpful Girl

  • When it comes to music in general, I just listen to it because it sounds good. I don't pay much attention to lyrics at first


Most Helpful Guy

  • As a lyricist, lyrics are important to me and can make or break a song.

    • Same. Don't let the hate take you in. Keep on the grind

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What Girls Said 1

  • Lol little wayne make good mumble music and it be catchy af haha. I like a mix ofnmeaning and mumble. U can mumble but rap about somethting meaningful too. I love Rae sremmurd haha

    • What song does Wayne mumble in?

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    • No one even agrees with that tho. Maybe back in the day if you compared his style to people like Jay Z or Andre 3000 he sounds like he mumbled a little. You could say that he was slurring his words a little like how he doesn't enunciate in How To Love but come on, you can't compare that to people like Future and Fetty Wap, mumble rappers today make little wayne sound like he's speak and spell

    • @eMaNnUeL google little wayne mumble and feel dumb. But yes i agree todays people are worse at mumbling. I love all their songs tho

What Guys Said 1

  • The only rap I like is the old school stuff with good lyrics


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