90's babies comment?

do any of y'all miss goosebumps? 😭 comment down below what you miss from your childhood


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  • Dun du du dun dun Inspector Gadjet dun du du dun du duuuuu

    Ducktales! Wooohoo! Ducktales!

    Say hey! Hey! Shin Shan! Look at his trousers he's looosing eeeem! Say hey! Hey! Shin Shan! A little bit cooool, a little bit smuuuule.. thats what makes him better than you! Say Hey! Shin Shan!

    Hey Arnold!


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  • I still have all the books and Animorphs lol!

    I miss Saturday morning cartoons with fruity pebbles - when the flinstones were popular and on basic cable.

    Omg, basic cable lol only 99 channels but some awesome 70-90's show to watch on each one. We have 1000 channels to watch and 900 of them are crap. Expensive crap.

    "In Living Color"
    "Power Rangers"
    "The Nanny"
    "Hey Arnold" / all the legit toons

    - Hey Arnold was actually about Helga the bully! It was called "Hey Arnold," based on her crush and desire for his heart / attention, whilst coping with her abusive, negligent parents which made her into a bully.

    The producers chose to follow Arnold's life instead, for worry that Helga's life would have been too sad and depressing.

    Crazy uh?

    Was my favorite cartoon if you couldnt tell lol

    I also loved the old school anime, Yu-Yu Hakisho, Reroni Kenshin, freaking ZOIDS - zoids was epic, like why haven't they brought that back lol?

    I still have my cd player, moms old pager, and remember when you had to call 411 to get directions or info instead of google lol

    Had to actually read books to find information, and teachers wouldn't take internet citations! Who remembers that too lol?

    Paper tickets for dining, roller discos, hair bo-bo's lol the list is endless.

    That one damn itchy velvet Christmas dress with matching big ass itchy bow. 😡


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