Do you watch good mythical morning? do you have a favourite episode?

are there any fellow mythical beasts here on GAG? if so, do you have a favourite episode or playlist?

I really enjoy the "will it" play list and there are 2 episodes that i go back and watch when im bored lol. Any episode in which Link is gagging is always hilarious but i especially love the "will it corn dog" episode because Rhett knows exactly what to say to make link puke.

if the time stamp doesn't work, skip to 08:51

the other episode i really like is "will it soup". i won't ruin it, but the part at 12:24 always makes me laugh lol.
Again, if the time stamp doesn't work skip to 10:05 for the segment im talking about


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  • Never heard of it

  • Watched it few times. They are boring to me...


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