Are there any experts here? Experts in pro wrestling or something?

How do you make your spears/suicide dives as powerful as humanly possible? And is it the same for spears as it is for suicide dives? I'm talking about the wrestling moves in case you didn't know what I meant by spears and suicide dives


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  • Well, all moves are well rehearsed and scripted before hand.
    Like a spear is like the user grabbing the victim and the victim falls to sell it out.
    Suicide dives are like the diver using the victim as a support and, they land on a soft surface that doesn't hurt.
    And, blame camera tricks too.

    • That's not what I asked

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    • I was before I moved. Now I'm searching for a new one

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  • Wrestling is scripted, so go see a booker for advice

    • Are you saying that since wrestling is scripted, I shouldn't ask about it's "secrets" in public? Or are you saying something else?

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