Anyone else feeling kind of underwhelmed with the walking dead season finale?

Considering all the hype building up to this one, i was kind of hoping for more.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the episode but it wasn't one of the better season finales we've had in my opinion.


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  • I haven't watched it yet so I'm not going to go into this question. But I will say that this season has been lack luster as a whole. It didn't stick with the comics and killed off some major characters for no real reason. Carl's death was just unnecessary. Simon on the other hand was awesome and I love that he was put on the fence as a walker afterwards.
    The lake women or what ever they are called is just a slow plot line that never seems to get to the point.
    I do hope that next season they bring in the whisperes and elaborate on who Georgie is.

    • Yeah I figured some people wouldn't have watched it yet so i tried to be as vague as possible 😅 gotta hate spoilers.

      Yeah I pretty much agree with everything you've said. Although I understand the Carl death. Not much they could do there since the actor wanted out.

      I think next season will probably be a slow one tbh with the whisperers maybe showing up towards the end.
      Was Georgie the woman that gave them the book the other week? I can't remember haha

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    • Me too. Hit me up if there is ever a zombie apocalypse.

    • So, watched the finale last night and you are so right! Underwhelmed seems to little. Dissatisfied would be better. That was possibly the most boring season finale ever. Couple people got hurt hands and Rick and Negan punched each other a couple times and that was it as far as excitement. Also, that actress that plays Maggie, although I have never had an issue with her, didn't convey being distraught well. I would have thought she would be crying and screaming and fighting to get at Negan, instead she just screamed with a pained look on her face as Michonne easily held her back.
      Bunch of malarkey

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  • I got bored of the series when Shane and his wife died. zzzz

    • Yeah it wasn't a great show back then so I can understand that.
      Shane didn't have a wife though.

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  • Walking Dead was good at the beginning (S1-2-3-4) after that it's just kinda got boring

    • Really? Season 5 was where I felt like it got more interesting. Wasn't a fan of season 2 at all

    • Yeah it was okay then Glenn died and now it sucks, kinda

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  • Can somebody tell me did Coral finally died? I am too lazy to watch an hour long episode with 40 mknutes of coverup with terrible dialogues and micro shots

  • wtf people still watch that show lol.. so many other shows better.

    • Yeah it's still one of the most popular shows on TV 😂

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    • You're right. But even with the declining viewership it's still way up there.

      Anyway if you don't like it you don't like it. No worries dude 👍🏻

    • ITs the same plot every time... lol... avoid zombies... hold down fort... fight off humans.. blah blah blabh repeat..

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