What do you think of the Great Saiyaman from Dragonball?

It looks like many people don't like him because I think that they think it ruins Gohan's character development or something like that because he used to be so serious all the time or something like that and they think he's stupid.
But I think he's really funny and cool and charismatic. And I think the Great Saiyaman actually adds to his character development because the way I see it is that Gohan was always kind of forced to be serious as a young boy and when things were finally peaceful around him, he was able to act like a silly child, for the first time in a long time, which is probably why he did it so thoroughly, and by becoming the Great Saiyaman, he could do that while also finding a use for his superpower fighting abilities that he was forced to build, without having to be serious because those ordinary criminals were easy as 1 2 3 for him to handle. And besides he still got some serious moments later on.
But what do you think?
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  • Saiyaman got him Videl so, it was good for him.
    DBZ needed some break from the hardcore stuff so, Saiyaman part was good.


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  • Bro stop it, I've been writing novels fir 5 years. Saiyaman is like superman, perfect with no need for character development. And no gohan was not forced to be this serious character. Take a look at fillers and if you want to count the movies. Most you can say is chi chi on his ass about studying. And piccolo wanting him train to become strong. But after that gohan can still be this care free guy.
    During the cell saga gohan mentions yeah he dont want to hurt anyone. And during the filler he fishes with krillian and meets krillian girl friend. But be a super hero is done by mr satan and to be laid back and not fight serious is when gohan became mystic where he was already strong. Abd could easily toy with buu.
    Now, why i think this lazy writing is cause i guess they need gohan to blend with people on earth and show how gohan interact with them. Point is, its not needed. Yeah he needs go to school and be a super hero. But how its done is skoppy abd predictable.

    • How i do it. First, target gohans beliefs. I dont want kill or hurt anyone.( stated when gohan warns cell if he was pushed to far) Then his values, peace and harmony ( when that gree n adroid told him before cell stoms on the head of android)
      Now use that to write. What will it take for gohan to watch the world blew up even though he has the power to stop said threat? What if to save the earth he has to kill his dad ( the virus, adroid saga.) If he dont then gohan has find out who these adroids are.
      ( assumine the fucked up time like of trunks never existed. And androids were a mystery.)
      This gets the people more invested.
      Yeah akria himself said he like humor in his stories, but thats what fillers are for. Not some weak sayian who fight easy crime.

    • If you've been writing novels for 5 years then I guess you would know better but I still personally disagree and I don't think much of what you said is really a valid argument

    • Sooo testing ones character isn't fun? Just should be sunshine and rainbows? Well if you disagree. Thats cool. But im not going watch gohan go from easily killing cell to can't even hold his own to yamcha. Lol. Okay its not that bad bro but nothing interesting is happening.

  • Bruh Mr. Satan is a better character than the great saiyaman


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