Teens: what kind of content would you want to see from a musician in your age group?

I'm really diving into my music and as a Creator I want to know what people want to see so that I can do it but with my own little twists.


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  • Well, if I was 16 again, chances are I’d want something more angsty and emotional. I was big into basically punk rock (stuff like Rise Against) and My Chemical Romance then lol. Nowadays I like things with cool melodies. My music tastes have changed into various melodic sub genres of metal, mostly focusing on metalcore, progressive metal, and melodic hardcore.

    If I had to completely generalize people, I’d say they fall into these categories...
    — People who listen to music because it’s trendy. In otherwords, they don’t really have a solid music taste of their own and just follow whatever is popular.
    — People who say they “like everything.” Often times, they focus on one genre (i. e. pop) with their tastes wide but avoiding the extremes. For isntance, they may say “anything but the screamy stuff” or “anything but country.”
    — People who have developed their music taste and have a narrowed focus on what they like.

    At the moment, pop music/hip hop is going to get you people in the first category. You’ll also get more people in the second category. Third category is going to be wildcard no matter what style you write.

    However, my advice as a musician/song creator myself: write what you enjoy and feel inspired to write. Your songs will be much more solid that way. For instance, I typically write metal music with occassional Goo Goo Dolls style acoustic songs. That’s what I like so that’s what I make. Yes— I’ve listened to modern pop enough to know what goes into it, but if I tried to write a modern pop song, it would most likely turn into something really generic and bland, if not cringey.

    I’ve been down the road before of trying to write something for others. It makes things sound noticeably forced.

  • Something as far from mainstream as possible.


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