Since there's a saying in Comedy that there are no limits, do you still believe there is a fine line between being humorous and being?

mean-spirited in stand-up comedies and comedy TV series?

Mean-spirited as in making hateful racist or angry jokes that aren't really jokes but straight up insults towards the audience and just simply deliberately pissing the audience off.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I kind of like offensive and dark humor stuff, like taboo to laugh at something that shouldn't be funny but it is. It's not for everyone I guess

    • I laugh at dark and offensive humor as well but after seeing a 12-year old video of Seinfeld star, Michael Richards and his whole anger-filled racist tirade fiasco at a laugh factory comedy club show, it made me realize that regardless of how funny I find dark humor, there's still a fine line between joking and just flat out trying to deliberately piss people off.

    • That's true I don't think it should be more offensive than it is funny. It needs a sort of balance

Most Helpful Guy

  • Here's the thing with comedy. No joke is off limits. It's up to the audience. If the audience doesn't like it, then that comedian will hear the lack of laughter. Here's the other thing: if a room full of people laugh at an edgy joke but one dumb broad with a blog didn't like it and she writes about it, that doesn't mean the joke was too far or messed up. For the most part, a comedian's goal is to be funny and a bit shocking. Whether they succeed or fail is up to the audience. If they are deliberately pissing an audience off, the audience will show them the door and that comedian is gonna be stuck hosting open mics on Tuesdays in a bar and not even opening up at a Funny Bone in the middle of nowhere.
    What's the point of everything I said? My point is, a comedian can say whatever he wants. The audience will respond and they will be treated and hired accordingly. Now, I will say this as well: most gigs have a no filming or recording rule. If a comedian is trying out new material and it happens to go too far but someone recorded it and put it on the Internet, the comedian doesn't deserve to get screwed. They were trying out new material in a room where recording wasn't allowed. The only one who should be apologizing is the one recording and uploading the material. Guitar players, dancers, drummers, actors, even magicians to an extent can practice their art before performing in front of an audience. A comedian can't practice comedy alone. You can only improve on a stage. As far as I'm aware, if the comedian isn't doing the recording themselves, they are still practicing working out their jokes and material.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah there is a fine line


What Guys Said 2

  • Being a fan of Monty Python, I love dark humour or even twisted humour and the occasional racism (if its funny) but yes there is a very very fine line when it goes too far.

    I think it's up to the comedian to gauge the audience to see what jokes they can make and get off with a cheeky grin

  • The line is determined by sincerity to me.


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