A new level of pop music?

What do you think? Do the American charts need a revitalization?

I was out the other day and "Moves Like Jagger" came on the radio and I was like, "uhhh... really?" That song is what, 8 years old or something now? I mean, Adam Levine, you're a talented guy and whatnot, great voice... Christina Aguilera same... but man, it's 2018. We desperately need some new sounds and new blood on the American Top 40!

And if it isn't a painfully old track that I never really cared to ever hear again, it's one of the new, basic, cookie-cutter songs by Imagine Dragons or The Chainsmokers... or another artist we've known since like 2005 that isn't interesting anymore.

I came across a song the other day, and I don't know why but it sounded familiar to me... maybe I've heard it somewhere, I likely have, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't an American pop radio station. But that's just it, why wouldn't it be? It's super catchy... has a huge sound, and uplifting, moving melodies. It sounds artistic, fresh, and modern... maybe even ahead of its time!

Check it here:

So why isn't music like THIS recognized to the same level as Ariana Grande, Bieber, or a painfully old and overplayed Maroon 5 track? The kind of stuff you hear at a local bar? I mean some pop music is just so tired, borderline unlistenable in my opinion, yet it's somehow "popular" with the average listener?

So why not promote something like MØ's "Final Song?" Granted it DOES have a ton of views... as it should, I think it's really outstanding. Next-level even! But it isn't in-part of American pop radio, which seems so stagnant and has exhausted itself... at least not to my knowledge. 🤔

... or is there just something really wrong with my ears and this isn't that good? I don't know... lol


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  • This is a good song i like it. I think this to America would be classified as EDM. It would pass for pop but MØ isn’t popular enough. People like Ariana, Selena, Justin, Taylor... are idolized which i can’t imagine why. I’ve just given up on listening to the radio. I’m always looking for new music and I love listening artists from other counties. But you’re right... music here is too cookie-cutter and it’s starting to sounds the same. Or they use baselines from old songs and change the words or just do covers. It gets old.

    • Yeah it's in that pop/EDM territory that seems to thrive more on XM radio...

      Here's one thing I don't get about big label pop acts though. Some of the promising, lesser known/rising figures, for example Bebe Rexha... they have had albums done and ready to release for quite some time, but the label sits and sits on the music.

      I'm a big Charli XCX fan and the same has happened to her. So it's like money goes into all these songs being recorded and promotion and everything, and the music is never made available for sale. It'd stay on the market forever, the fans are there waiting, the money is there to be made, but the songs are sat on and never made available by the label.

      It blows my mind how, in an industry that is so strapped for cash, and scrambling to find new ways to make money, they can't upload a finished album to sell on all of the online music outlets. The labels aren't going to make ANY money witholding their product! 🤦‍♂️

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    • I've heard of a couple of those artists... I like Rita Ora. But yeah, that's kinda the ironic thing about what you said though, it's almost as if more of the "one-hit-wonders" have the talent, and the generic pop stars are the ones getting all the airplay. I'll give it to most, they CAN sing... but can they write, are they really all that interesting outside of the superficial image?

      The mainstream doesn't seem to want something too progressive or out of the ordinary out of fear that it won't sell as much as something super derivative or formulaic. That same 4 chord, predictable pop structure. Same pop tones, same beats... like you said, it gets old lol.

    • No I don’t think they are that interesting outside of what they do. They don’t write their own songs. They have writers that write for them and they give it mainstream artists to deliver. Without people doing their jobs for them. They are nothing.

      I really feel that’s why EDM has become more popular over the years... though it’s still hated by many. Now trap is becoming a big thing. Kind of interested to see where the music industry goes in about five years.

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  • I think Pop in general needs revitalization. Aside Dua Lipa which I love, there's barely anything that stands out for more than a week these days, and artists are using less instruments and the exact same beats because they know people like that beat

    Can't remember what it's called but half the pop songs out there use that particular pattern or something

    • Dua Lipa, I would agree... good pop music! The UK has a lot of great artists coming out of there... and Europe in general.

      We need to recognize more international talent here in the States because there seems to be far more progressive acts coming out of other countries. My favorite band, Northlane... huge in Australia where they are from. They could be a huge rock/metal act across the world in my opinion, their sound is massive, but they don't get the same recognition elsewhere. It's a shame.

      The Naked and Famous out of New Zealand... great alt/pop rock, electro tunes. Some of their songs could be huge hits... but again, no recognition at the mainstream level. You just wonder why. :/

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  • It's because the truth is pop is dying, radio is dying, the record industries are dying. There's not as much fresh stuff because that is not what people want. Don't get me wrong there's heaps of great music, iconic even, but it's not going to be played on the radio. The traditional music industry can't be bothered putting effort into pop anymore because it's a much harder sell than it use to be. I for one don't care since I don't really like pop.

    • Agreed, I see your point! But at what point does radio break away from the label ties and start playing what appeals to them? Like if I could run my own radio station, I have plenty of songs that I feel the average listener would enjoy, but just never gets the recognition or airplay at a mainstream level.

      I'm sure it's all tied together in a weird way that prevents this sort of thing from happening/succeeding at a higher degree, but there are times where I really wonder if it's the music industry determining the hits 🤔 ... or if it's truly the people that determine the hits nowadays, like it used to be.

      Because everyone I talk to also seems to think the radio sucks lol. 🤷‍♂️

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    • Also true... which is also a way that labels make money from ads/streams. So I don't know... you'd think the labels would want to promote more interesting artists. If the generic stuff isn't appealing as much to people, adapt.

      But I guess Ariana and Biebs are still selling out arenas huh? That's just crazy to me lol.

    • but so are kendrick and brockhampton, probably more so

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  • Ya I'm tired of this EDM pop


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  • I've heard that song on the radio A LOT. Sounds similar to most other pop stuff I don't see what would set it apart from those other songs honestly.

    • It has a similar sound yes, I would agree, but it sounds more varied. More... "developed." As if way more thought was put into it than most other songs, which come off as very basic and overly straightforward.

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