What is your go-to when bored?

I've done everything. Workout, watch Netflix, write some of my book, cook some food, go for a walk (mostly go for hikes when it's nice weather). I would try some more DIY, but I need some more income for that. I'm out of ideas and just want to see if anyone here has anything interesting or out of the ordinary that they do to occupy themselves when they're bored. And no I don't have a girlfriend, so don't mention sex -_-What is your go-to when bored?


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  • Music and backroading. Best therapy for boredom, sorrow, depression, anxiety... in my case at least. Driving is my therapy, gets me away from everyone and I get to go drive without a destination


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  • Bro , feel bad for the girlfriend part !!
    Same here , but you can pick up an instrument and start learning !
    YouTube always helps too

    • I play piano when I'm bored too lol. I can play quite a few songs pretty well 😂

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    • I'm already bored. I think you want me to die of it haha

    • Hahaha
      I am doing my best! 😅

  • I blow off steam by writing poems, sometimes read, watch youtube videos, cook a meal, do strength training, or drink.

  • When I'm not working I'm usually sleeping.


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