What would you do in a talent show?

Think back to your school days, or if you're in school now, just think. Most schools have talents shows: you audition for them, you probably get in, and you perform, either to win a prize or just to perform.

School talent shows accept a wide range of talents: anywhere from magic tricks to singing to gymnastics. What would you do?


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  • I actually performed in a talent show three times in high school. All three times I formed a tock band with various students. The first time was when I was just starting out on drums, so it was a bit meh. If I recall, we played some Red Jumpsuit Apparatus lol. Second time, my new band and I played the song “Frankenstein” by Edgar Winter Group. (We actually won that year too) Third time, my new group and I played the song “The Boys Are Back In Town.”

    Problem was for the third time— only two members of group actually practiced outside of rehearsal: myself and the bassist. The guitarists didn’t practice at all outside of rehearsal, they’d waste our practice time trying to figure things out. Our singer had some confidence issues. So, when we all went to perform for the show... the guitarists forgot their parts. The singer forgot the verse. The bassist played everything right, but the sound guy forgot to turn the bass until halfway through the song. It was baaad. We had talented enough people, but since they didn’t practice it fell apart. Smh.

    Nowadays, I know much more reliable musicians, who are skilled and actually practice. If I did another talent show today, I’d gather people together and do some prog metal... probably something original of mine.


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  • I did stand up comedy. I memorized Brian Regan's "stupid in school" and repeated it. Another year I showed a fanvid I edited.

    If I had to do one again I'd probably perform John Mulaney's "Salt and Pepper Diner" bit because it's... so good.


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  • If I was any better on the banjo back then I would have performed

  • I would dance with a beautiful girl


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