Best way to stay motivated?

I'm writing a story online and I use my school laptop. I wanna update once weekly so I've been writing ahead, but schools almost over and I'll have to give it back in around 5 weeks.

I need to write at least 12-15 chapters before the end of school to be able to still update weekly since this is really the only place I can write (typing out a book on my phone is a nightmare).
So whats the best way to stay motivated to do that?


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  • Hello dear,
    I am indeed writing a book, but not for school, I don't really have a deadline for now.
    But for the good sake of the book, I try to keep on editing and writing at least once a week. I sit down in front of my laptop and just read what I have previously written and edit, or just write something new.
    I never use my phone for the writing. Always my computer or a small notebook (paper and pen).
    I would most probably suggest you have on you a small agenda or notebook where you can handwrite all of your thoughts wherever you are.
    If those were not available, then just grab any piece of paper and a pen from someone then write the idea down.
    In case you have nothing to write on or with, then you most probably have to save it as a note in your phone.
    You can buy some kind of external keyboard for your phone so it would be practical.
    Or if you are using iPhone, then you can go from your own computer into icloud. com and write in your document or memo instead of using your phone.
    Hopefully things will get better and where you want them to get :-)


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  • For writing inspiration I usually listen to instrumental music (can't write while listening to. lyrics). Lately I've been listening to Determination: The Purple Side. It's really calming and keeps me on track.

    Also to keep it on you get Google docs. You can download the app on any device (and use it on a computer through the website) and keep all your writing safe. Also it autosaves every five seconds so you don't have to worry about word crashing and losing two days of work or something. Can't happen with docs.


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  • Gosh, I need answers too! I have a comic Book to make by the end of the School Year, and I've been putting it off!

  • try a 2nd hand bluetooth keyboard for your phone or tablet


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  • Listen to music while you are writing, and watch many motivational videos/speeches (Les Brown's speeches helped me a lot)


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