Do I love what I do or am I forcing it?

So I’m a dancer, and I’ve been doing it for a majority of my life. I’ve gotten to the point where I love to do it (or at least I think I still do) but I go to class and feel nothing. No matter how much I want to do it and get better in a way my body doesn’t want to.
Cause I wanted to get better I started taking classes even when I didn’t initially want to because one always hears “do it even if you don’t want to”. For the most part I wouldn’t regret taking class. But not it’s gotten to the point where I feel obligated to give more abs I feel so in authentic. I’m okay with getting out of my comfort zone.
I want to care but my body doesn’t want to as much.
Is it my environment or me?
What’s wrong?


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  • I am computer consultant mainly networking and security with database administration, I love what I do. Also I am divorced 50yo with ex wife who I'm friends and son and daughter graduated college and are on their own. An Absolutely love old Sci-fi, Thriller, Horror movies


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  • Try different dance schools or dance types, try to enjoy the environment. At times it's tough when it does not work as expected or you don't see the progress but you'll get there

  • Maybe you just need to mix it up a bit. go somewhere new, dance with new people

  • My advice would be to take a break. Try other stuff. If you miss it later on then go back to it.

    • I just wonder if I’m being lazy or if I just naturally get bored easily and/or am not as hungry when it comes to learning? Cause I do love it but I want to make it more about expressing myself and staying authentic to who I am more than anything while still working hard and not getting my lack of instinctual interest confused with laziness

    • Innate laziness **

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