Any suggestions for what I should sing at a talent show?

I enjoy singing and I'm pretty good but I'm struggling to find a song. I want to sing something people will know but I want it to mean something too, not just some popular trendy song. I want to be able to connect feeling to it. Anything that has to do with love whether it be in a relationship, friendship or family would be great. If it's sad but about love or someone you love/loved that's ok too.


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  • Halsey- Gasoline
    (You might be able to pull this off, being a female voice)

    Jaymes young- I'll be good
    (Touching, male voice though, you could put a spin on it singing it as a female voice though :)

    Katelyn Tarver- You don't know
    (Emotional, meaningful, relatively easy lyrics)

    Halsey- Lost Boy
    (Again, meaningful and easy lyrics, I can sing this word for word)

    The band perry- If I die young
    (a tad more complex but still relatively easy and meaningful)

    Lauren Aquilina- You can be king again
    (Very touching and emotional, another good choice)

    I have more but hope I helped <3


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