As an artist, is it "normal" to enjoy his own work and find it appealing?

Long story short, I got a metal band, and like, for whatever reasons, each time we got a gig coming, I cannot stop the urge of listening to our previous live sets we've been recording until now. And sometimes I feel like I'm enjoying myself way too much over something the band and I composed LMFAO.

Is it being egocentric and narcissistic to do so? Or is totally normal?

Cause like in my opinion, people cannot enjoy what you produce if you don't enjoy it yourself. So it feels normal for me actually


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  • I don’t think that’s egocentric at all. I think it’s good that you can appreciate your own work. I am not much of a musician but I do enjoy drawing. As an artist I do find myself looking back on old art and sometimes I’m proud of it or at least happy with it, and sometimes I can look back on it and see some mistakes and realize how I’ve improved since then. I’m by no means an expert but I think it is a good habit to review your old work or look at it and find ways to make it better or improve for future reference. Or, like you said, just listen to it and allow yourself to enjoy it without feeling the need to change it. It’s completely fine for you to appreciate something you’ve taken time to put together. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve made something and you’re happy with it and that you want to share it with others.


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  • I did the same thing when I was playing in bands... I looked for areas where I could improve and also, listening to my own stuff, I would "hear" new ideas and ways to improve my drumming.

    It's normal... plus like you said, you have to like what you create. If you didn't like the music, you would've stopped writing it and moved on to writing other songs.

    • Thanks man. Had to get sure I wasn't totally dumb for listening to it over and over

  • Normal


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