Why do people hate ragequitters?

Been playing dead by daylight. A game where you are either a killer or survivor. 4 players are survivors 1 is a killer. The goal for the killer is to hit a survivor 2 times. And them put them on a meat hook. A survivor can be rescued from the meat hook up to 2 times. If the killer puts you on the hook for a 3rd time you are dead. Or if no one attempts to save you you will also die within 2 minutes. I typically just quit a match if the killer immediately finds me and knocks me. I dont enjoy not getting to play the game so I would rather quit and join another lobby where I would least have a chance to not get caught immediately. Or I will get caught and put on a hook and ally saves me and I get put on the hook immediately afterwards. I'll quit then too. Or if I last awhile then the killer catches me and then he decides to sit right beside me while I'm on the hook and camp. I'll quit then too. Anyway it happened a few times today and when I joined another lobby 2 survivors saw it was me and sent a message to the chat. "Let's join another lobby. [insert steam name here] is a ragequitter. You dont wanna play with him" you'd think people would understand. Why would anyone wanna continue playing a game if is isn't any fun? Not getting to actually play because a killer is tunneling you is no fun at all.


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  • Does the game still continue for the other players if you quit? Because would be fucking annoying if someone keeps quitting when they don't do well and then no one else can't do well either.

    • No the game doesn't stop when one person quits. It's a 1 vs 4. The 4 survivors have to repair 5 generators while avoiding the player who is on the killer team. If the killer catches one of us the rest of the team will ether fo one of 2 things depending on what the killer is doing. If the killer ventures off to look for your teammates. They can sneak past the killer to try to save u from the killers meat hook so that you can continue making repairs. If you drop they still have 5 to complete.

    • If you dont join the game to start with and it's a 3 vs 1 they only have 4 to complete. When its 2 vs 1 they have 3 to complete. And 1 vs 1. The survivor will have 2 to complete by themself.

    • If you leave the game before the killer hooks you. The killer is denied his points he would get for catching you.

What Guys Said 2

  • I use to do that all the time.

  • Because you're ruining for everyone else...

    • So? I bought the game to have fun. If I am unable to actually participate because the killer knocked me out straight off the bat. Ima leave and join another lobby.

    • Ruining his achivement to knock you out... It's a game fuck for sake, tale the consequences if you lose...

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