Writing song lyrics?

Hey, so I have been playing an instrument for over a decade, and I was always into music, and since recently I have more free time, I decided to finally start seriously writing some songs. The issue is, I literally have no topics to write about, whatsoever. I am 26 years old, and I never experienced anything worth talking about. I never even kissed a girl in my life, so you get the picture. And writing lyrics about being a little bitch and being scared of everything sucks, and who the fuck would want to listen to that. People want inspiring music, not some crap from some fucking loser. On the other hand, I don't want to be one of those artists who lie about things in their songs. So I honestly don't have a fucking clue what could I write about? Which topics should I focus on? I suck in every aspect of life.


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  • A song about feeling weak atm but having the fire inside you to become stronger is very inspiring if you ask me.
    And the song doesn't have to be about your life and experiences so dont limit yourself.

    • But also not being able to become stronger. Thats pretty depressing

  • Just go out and do something that's worth righting a song about... Go take a leap


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