Which was your favorite Digimon?

As we grow up (Specially the 90's generation ) we have watched cartoon , and we loved it !
In Digimon world , we each had a favorite !
Which one was yours?
Mine was Wargreymon :)
  • Which was your favorite Digimon?Wargreymon
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  • Which was your favorite Digimon?Metalgarurumon
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  • Which was your favorite Digimon?Angemon
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  • Other (Please comment )
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  • I didn't watch/ Like it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • mm, I am honestly not so sure and I can't recall the names
    I remember really liking the Cantos one, the fairy one, female angel, and the evil Black Angel guy

    In the next order really:
    female angel
    Black Angel guy
    fairy one
    Cantos one


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  • Lady Devimon. Those whips and chains

  • Nigga digimon was like 10 years ago

    • Okay !
      First of all , watch your language , and speak properly.
      Second , is if you don't like this question , move on we can live without knowing how cool your opinion !
      Third , thanks for sharing your opinion but you didn't answer the question !

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    • But I found Yu-Gi-Oh! Better because I mostly played it as a kid.

    • @GREY6 yeah just don't over do it please !

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