Do you like to cosplay?

Do you like to cosplay or dress up like someone/something else? Why do you like it if you do? Since i am not so confident with myself, i like to dress up as someone else and pretend to be them. That makes me more confident to so stuff i usually dont do.


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  • I cosplay a lot, especially at conventions and stuff. It's definitely a confidence booster just being someone else.

    I really want to commission some but the ones I want are real expensive so... still gonna be saving up for a while.

    • I'm also in a cosplay club at my college and we do random outings sometimes x3

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    • If you've got some friends that are all into it you can try making one. I know at my college it's a huge pain in the ass (you need to have 10 people who are already guaranteed to come plus officers and a staff advisor), but there's so many and lots of real niche clubs are around.

    • I dont have any friends who are into it though 😂

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  • i've cosplayed a few times and i have two different cosplays. the times that i've done it have been at a convention, but i like it bc i can appreciate whoever i'm dressing up as but you can get someone's attention w/o them knowing who is under the costume.


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  • I dress up as Michael Myers every time I go to the bank due to my irrational fear of bank tellers.

    I get weird looks if it's not Halloween though

  • I love cosplay! I'm going to a Con about 2 weeks from now in Savannah. as always, I'm going as Deadpool.

    I like actual cosplay though, not bitches in g-strings.


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