What do you do when you have a song you are jamming to but people ask you to turn off/down?


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  • Generally, that’s why I have headphones. I don’t like bothering other people with my music, because I don’t like it when people bother me with their music. If I’m in public playing music, and someone asks me to turn my music down, I’m going to guess it’s decently loud. Most people are too afraid of confrontation, so the music would have to be quite obnoxious.

    I mean, there is this one guy often at this one bus stop for instance. He has a portable speaker he caries around, and he cranks it up and plays his crappy rap music full volume. To make things worse, it’s not like people can just leave since it’s a bus stop... but people don’t tell him to be quiet due to fear of confrontation. Still, I think it’s an asshole thing to do, so I avoid being like that. It’s annoying enough as is on campus with people playing their music just through their phones as they walk around.

    The worst I would probably realisitically be in is if I was playing guitar or drums and someone asked me to turn it down. And, if someone asked me to, (as it has happened before) I would simply say “no problem. I’ll turn it down. Let me know if it’s too loud after for you and we can figure something out.” Things resolve and work out.

    • Fair play but when you're at your camp in the woods? Then what?

    • Depends a bit on the specific situation, but I think I’d like to figure out a compromise then. (This is assuming I’m not being a total asshole about it and playing loud music at 3am or whatever lol). If someone comes up to me and says “you’re music is too loud,” I’ll try and turn it down a bit. I’ll try and reasonable. If the dude comes back and says again that my music too loud, I’ll take a look at my music player and make a judgement call. If I think it could be too loud, I’ll turn it down more. Else, I’ll just say “sorry, I’d really rather not.” Then we can figure things out from there

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