Has anyone seen Violet Evergarden? If so what are your thoughts on it?

I have already watched the hole season on Netflix but I want other options on it. Like if they want it to continue or not and there reason why or why not. I personally can't wait for season two. I really liked how they projected how Violet tried to understand the meaning of love and too be loved, while changing how she looked at life and others. And how others saw her. It was really well written and great story. Cause honestly we all take love differently. And it shows just one of many ways of looking at it and finding it.


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  • It's come up in my recommendations, but I haven't checked it out yet. What's the general genre?

    • It's really good. I suppose it like romantic it also has war and hardship in it. I do recommend to try it and see if u like it, honestly. To me it was so good I'm rewatching it. But everyone has different taste

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    • Well it does have action. Violet Evergarden is about a girl who was only treated like a weapon and grew up as one in the military. The first episode she wakes up in a hospital and asks for the general who was the only one during the war, who treated her like a human being. She then get released from the hospital and she wants to know the meaning behind I love you because that's the last words the general had said to her during the war. So she search's for that meaning. In searching for the meaning she brings people together and you learn about her past.

    • Lol sorry got carried away. But it does have action in it.

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