Can you suggest me some Good songs?

It's been quite a time since updated my playlist. And I listen to songs of every country provided they have good music... And please no sad romantic songs please!!


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  • Gramatik - A Bunch Of Questions (jazz-hip hop)
    Pompeya - 90
    the weekend - call out my name


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  • What kind of music? Got it all except for country.

    • Anything thats not sad!

    • Good Grief - Bastille (Don Diablo Remix)

      No Way Out - Vicetone

      Guerrilla Raio - Rage Against the Machine

      Fuel - Metallica

      Been A While - Sam Feldt

      Bubbles - Tokyo Machine

      Crab Rave - Noisestorm

      Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar

      Fireproof - Coleman Hell

      I can give you more music, I don't know what kind you want so I gave you a variety.

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