Can someone who's in a band record this song me?

I wrote it myself. YEARS ago, but I don't play any instruments and my singing sucks, but I REALLY want hear what it sounds like with instruments. I'm actually pretty proud of it.

Anyone interested in recording it?

  • I have a band, we'll record it for you
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  • I have a band, but we ain't recording that. That shit SUCKS!
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  • I'm not in a band, but it should be recorded
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  • I'm not in a band, and I hope it never sees the light of day
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  • I'm not in a band, but it should be recorded

    • благодаря CecTpa

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    • I don't know, I don't know other languages' alphabet besides Russian

    • Ukrainian is basically the same as Russian, except in Ukrainian E e is Eh and Э э is Ye.

      I know a little Greek alphabet. I used to know all of it, but I forgot some of them. I haven't looked at it in a while.

      But I know a bit of Ukrainian, because it's similar to Polish.
      And I pick up on German easily too

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  • I am my own band in a sense, but it’s difficult to know what exactly you’re going for without any instruments written. I have experience in recording stuff/mixing and mastering, but it’s a lot of extra work if you don’t have a clear idea of what exactly you’re recording.

    Although it may not sound like “real instruments,” I strongly suggest checking out MIDI virtual instruments and learning the basics of a DAW (digital audio workstation). For instance, if you have a mac (and therefore garageband), the instruments you need are built in. If you have a windows, you could get Reaper 64. I would then suggest downloading Tyrell synth for a melodic instrument. Then I suggest finding free drum samples (if you need help with that lemme know) and making your own drumset sampler.

    If you feel like you are going to be writing music a lot, I suggest investing in guitar pro. It’s around $100. Guitar Pro has straight up been one of my most worthwhile musical investments (if not my most). I basically taught myself how to write using it. You just punch in guitar tabs/drum notes, and then you can play it back in audio form, or you can export it to midi and drop it in a DAW to use immediately. Extremely helpful. Likewise, you can write vocal lines in songs and punch in lyrics to have the words appear over the notes written.

    There are also free and cheaper alternatives, albeit perhaps not as nice.

    • Oh. I didn't know there were programs like that.
      That's true. I know what I want it to sound like in my head, but I don't know how to write riffs or drum lines

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    • Or my friends and I should just learn how to play instruments.

    • That’s always an option as well haha

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  • I have my own band... I sing and play drums and I have two guitarist and two more singers. In my next band meeting I will pitch the idea, we usually play heavy metal and rock songs so this should be ok but we'll give it a different tune cause yours was kinda creepy but we'll use the same lyrics. I will pitch the idea at my next band meeting...

    • Send me a follow request so I can send the recording to you later on...

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    • That's fine. It's nothing important. I just wanna hear what it sounds like with instruments. LOL

    • No problem...

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