Fun, Gender neutral, Baby Shower Games?

Suggestions for a baby shower?

Gender of baby unknown.


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  • - Don't Say Baby: This has been played at pretty much every baby shower I've ever been to. Guests get something to wear (typically something like a pacifier charm on a ribbon or a clothespin) and cannot say the word baby for the duration of the shower. If you catch someone say it you get to confiscate their necklace.
    - Chocolate Bar Diapers: Another classic baby shower game. Melt some different chocolate parts into separate diapers. Guests try to guess which chocolate bar it is.
    - Pin the ___ on the ___. Pacifier on the baby, poop to the diaper, sperm to the egg. Different variations you could do, played like pin the tail on the donkey.
    - Tinkle In The Pot: Guests try to make it from point A to point B with a balloon under their shirt and a ping pong ball between their knees. The objective is to drop the ball in a cup or container of some sort.
    - Diaper Changing Competition. Who can get a diaper on a doll the fastest, blindfolded.
    - Baby food taste test. Guests taste baby food and have to name what it is.
    - Baby bottle beer chug competition.
    - Pacifier beer pong.
    - Decorate something. Buy some plain bibs or onesies and some fabric pens, have guests decorate one as a keepsake for the baby.
    - Similarly, you could do a time capsule. Have guests fill out a card or something to be put in a box until the baby's future birthday (typically their 18th birthday).

    There are lots of printable activities that can be found online, free.
    - Gift Bingo: Guests fill out a blank bingo card with gifts they think the parents are going to receive. As the gifts are opened guests mark them off on their bingo card, the first person to have five in a row wins.
    - Price Is Right: Kind of similar to the last game. Have some baby items that are not gifts (pictures would probably work fine as well) on a table, guests try to guess the price.
    - What's in your ___?: Typically played as what's in your purse, though I've played a version that was what's in your phone. Guests are given a list of things and get a certain amount of points for every item from the list they have in their bag or on their phone.
    - Word scrambles.
    - Trivia questions about the parents.
    - Have guests guess things like the baby's gender, weight, birth date, etc.

    I'm running out of characters but there are tons more co-ed, gender neutral baby shower activities that can be found online. Lots of minute to win it type games as well.
    Good luck, hope this helps!


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