Do you think my music sound good I make gaming music remixes?

My youtube name is mc xeni with 11 subs


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  • I checked out the undertale 01 remix video.

    Overall, I think there are some things that could use some improvement. I liked the use of delay, but the mix felt kind of empty.

    1.) More of a bass element.
    Overall, the mix felt too mid to high range. I think it would greatly help if you had an instrument filling up the 100-200 hz range, or the bass frequencies. It will give more depth to your song and will also let the other instruments sound more full. I think this was the biggest issue I had with the mix.

    2.) Balance the instruments.
    The song starts loud, then it suddenly drops in intensity around the :27 mark. It felt a bit out of a place.

    3.) Take down the piercing/harshness of the synthesizer at the end
    It hits a really high note that becomes almost harsh sounding. I suggest either EQing the harshness out, changing the virtual instrument, or bringing the notes down an octave.

    4.) Percussion could help give oomph to your remix.
    Having a kick element fill up the 50-60 hz range would give more oomph to your sound. Likewise, a definitive snare element would help with the rhythm become stronger/more defined. Without these, it feels empty. If you don’t have a good kick sample, I’m sure your DAW has a sampler you can use. There are plenty of kick/snare samples online you can put in and mess around with.

    5.) Panning
    It sounds like most of the instruments are panned center and pretty mono. Maybe this was intentional, I don't know, but I think it would help your mix become more clear if you panned instruments around to give them their respective room. It doesn’t necessarily need to be drastic, but panning would help each instrument become more clear/shine more respectively. Have your lead/bass/kick/snare in the center and the support around it. Having your delay become a stereo delay could also widen your instruments.


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