Best romance on film and tv?

Mine would be David Haller and Sydney Barret in a tvshow called Legion
Best romance on film and tv?He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and sent to a psych ward. He met her and they fell in love but they couldn't touch each other because of her issue. It took awhile for him to realize she wasn't a figment of his imagination like most of his friends. He has a parasite in his mind and it made him confused of what is real. Beautiful love story.
God... you guys... is there any way to select my choice as MHO


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  • Most Nicholas Sparks movies are great.
    I really loved the longest ride.
    The longest ride is about Luke Collins is a professional bull rider who got injured and when he got better goes back. At one of the rodeos he competes at, a girl naned Sophie Danko was watching, they meet and fall in love.

    And of course the fault in our stars.
    The fault in our stars is a story about a girl, Hazel, who has lung-cancer. Every day, she has an oxygen tank with her. Her mom tells her to go to support group, where she has to talk to other cancer patients. She doesn’t really like it, until Augustus ‘Gus’ Waters appears. He is very handsome and he seems to be interested in her as well. When they spend the afternoon together, they give each other a book to read. The book Hazel gives Gus is ‘An Imperial Affliction’. AIA ends in an open end, and Hazel has been looking for answers ever since she’s finished the book a few years ago. For Gus’s wish he wishes to travel to Amsterdam with Hazel, where the author lives.
    And I'm not going to tell you more, if you want more you have to watch the movie 😊 I'm not going to spoil the end.
    But it's sad.

    • Are there any stories where the girls don't fall in love with super good looking Chads?

      I will watch the fault in our stars. It sounds funny. You go watch Legion pls and tell me if their love is the purest.

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    • I will let you know what I think off Legion

    • Good girl :))

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  • Dwight Schrute and Angela Martin from the Office.


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