Which is better Farcry 3 or 4?

I used to think 3 but going back to it it just doesn't have half the things 4 has. Prefer the location of 3 but the story of 4


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  • "Prefer the location of 3 but the story of 4"
    This is the opinion that I as well as most people I know have.


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  • Definitely 3, the story is just so much better than 4 and 5 combined

    • 4 had branching paths in term of story and a grander story

    • But in my opinion it lacked innovation, they just tried to desperately make Far Cry 3 bigger, the antagonist more evil, ...
      Also I think they kinda messed up the signature weapons, before you had to actually earn them, and once you got them they were godlike. In 4 you just get them at random points, and usually they aren't that much better than just any normal weapon with the right attachments

    • Far Cry 3 worked for me because I actually hater Vaas, what he did, what he stood for. In Far Cry 4 I couldn't take that guy (even forgot his name) seriously

  • 3 was the new thing back then still a great game but 4/5 is just better in general

  • 3 hands down.


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