Rock/Metal concert etiquette. (Mosh pits etc.)?

I've only been to one heavy rock gig where there was a lot of stage diving, crowdsurfing, and moshing and it was a hell of a time. To those who have been to these shows, what are some of the etiquette and general rules? Or are there no rules and everyone just goes totally chaotic


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  • @SirRexington said a good deal of it.

    It is different for various genres and crowds, but I’d say in general...
    — Don’t be a crowdkiller. I. e. if someone is not moshing or whatnot, don’t try to throw them into the pit. No one wants a busted tooth from some dick who decided to elbow an unsuspecting person like a coward.

    — If someone falls in the pit, pick them up asap. (People are usually pretty decent about this one thankfully)

    — The objective of moshing is not to hurt people. It’s to let of some steam through some mild aggression. No elbows, no punches. Body shoving is alright, but don’t be the guy that’s 350 pounds and full force bodyslams that 150 pound scrawny guy to the floor lol. The shoving is more like a “repel” sort of shove rather than like a “I’m out to hurt you” type.

    — If someone pushes on you a bit in the pit, don’t get pissy. As a metal musician/fan who has had seen some pits going on at shows, I’ve witnessed various fights almost break out because of too much alcohol and they were willing to push but not willing to be pushed back.

    Moshing isn’t necessary if you don’t feel like it though. Going out and supporting your musicians via shows is good enough. Get into the music, headbang, and you’ll fit in at most rock/metal shows

  • Well I can tell you from an outside glance it looks as if it is nothing but chaos. However, the purpose of the mosh is that everyone is in synchrony with their movement. We slam into each other not for aggression but because we are willingly engaging in physical contact with one another. if a person falls, stop to pick them up. No glass in the pit, no targeting people and attacking them. We are here to let off steam with other like minded individuals not get even more angry because of an idiot who doesn't understand basic etiquette.

    Moshing has different forms too for different genres or song structure. Skanking/two step, hardcore dancing, slam/thrash dancing, karate moshing (often disputed as whether it is or isn't moshing) and pogoing. Each can be seen in different genres and with different environments.

    If you go down south rednecks take over the pit and Goku push every one. Shoving people is not moshing, slamming into each other shoulder to shoulder or chest to chest/back is.

  • Yeah there are rules, people shove but don't try and shove people over and if someone falls help them up. Just common sense really.


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