What was your favorite part of Avengers Infinity war?

I just wanna say SPOILER ALERT because this question is only for those who saw the movie!

by the way, mine is when the part where Hulk gets in iron man suit.

The fight between thanos, ironman and Dr. Strange was AWESOME! (Oh and I know Dr. Strange knows more about their fate because when he gave his stone to him, he said "we are in the end game" and "it was the only way". What if he knew what was going to happen?)


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What Girls Said 1

  • I didn't watch but i let my boyfriend spoil it for me since im not into Avenger films (i like the solo films better). So do u think that all those certain avengers are actually dead or do you think they’ll be brought back to life in part 2? Also, i think they claim Capt is posed to die part 2

    • Well it's obvious that the fans will want him back and I'm thinking it is iron man that's gonna die because he's been on there the marvel industry for so long

    • Omg they need him tho

What Guys Said 1

  • Definitely the moment where Thor came into the 'big' fight with his new axe. It was such an epic moment


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