What arc of Yu Yu hakusho Ghost Files do you enjoyed the most?

Mine was the Dark Tournment Saga, because of Toguro. Toguro was at his time a so incredible powerful and had such a well developed story, that even interfaced with Genkai, who was Yusuke Martial Arts master, and throughtout the Arc made so incredible demonstrations of strenght that he made everyone wonder if Yusuke could really beat him down at some point, and to be fair Toguro controlled the entire fight and only lost because that was in the end of the day what he tought he deserved to have happened with him. It was not a typucal fight to save the world, but instead a very personal fight between two warriors with opposing views of power, meaning of existence and everything you could imagine. It was a battle to settle once and for all who had the "better" view of things, it was a battle of someone who would only believe in his own strenght against someone who fight to protect his important persons, a fight between a warrior that believed that muscular strenght was the epitome of fighting so much that he usec his own spirit energy to enhance his muscles size and performance against someone who had an holistic view and used spiritual energy in the raw form of energetic blasts and whose art was based on the principle that physical and spiritual force should compliment one another, that was in sum the fight to decide who had the supreme doctrine of fighting.
  • The supernatural detective arc
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  • The Dark Tournment arc
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  • The lost Chapter Arc
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  • The Makai Arc
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