Have you guys tried Farcry 5?

It's pretty damn good. It's like country music meets Fallout meets those MMO survival shooters.


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  • Yes. Although it's gotten jerky :/

    • That's weird. Have you met the weird cow shooting guy yet?

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    • I can't remember the guy's name but he was an NPC, I punched him, he went down so I helped him up, then punched him, helped him up, punched him, helped him up, shot him, helped him back up, blew him up and then helped him back up just to punch him back down but into water 😂😂😂 I was pissing myself laughing as everyone I helped him up he went I'm sure glad I can trust you!

    • I just thought he was a dense motherfucker. He drove by 2 white trucks doing something blathering on about some dumb bs. Prolly those stupid pigs and cows.

  • I like too im just try farcry 3,4


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