Has anyone ever thought of the tax dollars superheros rack up when they go around destroying cities trying to save the world?

Cause I have, lol this thought crossed my mind when I went to watch avengers: infinity war.


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  • Low key superheroes like Batman and Spiderman doesn't have that issue since they don't tear up the city. Superman and Hulk on the other hand... would honestly be cheaper to hire an elite mercenary force instead.

    • Did you not see Batman in the dark knight TRILOGY, he didn’t not gaf lmsoooo. Superman could be more careful but he’s also another one that dgaf loool

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  • Ahahahah... I love this. I always thought it was a lot o collateral damage, but never made the link to taxes. But you're so right, lol. This would me some massive tax dollar build up here...


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  • It would be so much money that cities would go into debt because of this.

  • We should be friends 😂😂

    • Im pretty sure nyc tax in the marvel universe is an occasional minimum 55% after a fallout lmao

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