Hard Red Rocks / Denver help?

I wanna travel to USA on my holidays and I need as much info as possible on how to be a less dumb tourist and not waste my money and time on trash. I just wanna have a good time on a midrange budget. I am getting an electronic ticket for a festival but do those only work when I have network?
do ubers only work for americans?
I am thinking that I'll most likely have to approach americans on street for help and since I'm going alone I'dd like some suggestions on how to not get fucked up by people (if they even do that to me).
soory but Murrica is way too expensive (the flight is like 2 Grand) I am going to Moscow so give me few hints for Moscow.


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  • Don't tell anyone you have money, listen to what people say about danger zones. People will try and fuck with you, wear travel pouch under cloths for your passport. Be careful in backpackers, don't trust travellers either, lock your stuff in the lockers they provide.

    • ya shits too expensive I'm on a 2-2,5k budget and the flight itself is more expensive than the days there.. but Die Antwoord are gonna be about as good I bet

    • Yeah I seen them before, they are OK.

  • You can download the electronic ticket to your phone. You can also download the UBER application on your phone as well

    • do I need to have ethernet connection when I show the ticket?
      uber will only work if I buy a mobile network chip for my phone i guess?

    • When you download the ticket onto the phone, you do not need Ethernet. Many restaurants have WiFi if you need internet in case of emergency. You should get a chip anyway because it’s more convenient when ordering UBER but UBER works if you just have internet connection

    • thanks for the info

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